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Welcome to the Guild Rules of Immortals!
Sit back and enjoy reading.

Raid Times:
We raid on Wednesday,Thursday and Sunday between 20.00-23.00.
This may change in the future, depending on progress and activity.
Raiders are expected to be online with their main raiding character at 19.45 and invites will start between 19.50-19.55.
Raiders are expected to make their own way to the raid entrance so we can start the first pull at 20.00.

Raid Attendance:
We raid 3 nights a week and members are expected to raid at least 2 nights every week.
Trialists are expected to be on raiding at 3 nights, also.

Order of invites will be Raiders > Trails > Socials.
If you didn't got an invite for the current week as a trialist, be patient; you will get your chance to prove yourself.
If you've done well, you have a bigger chance to get re-invited. Not everyone can go; there is only limited spaces in a raid group and complaining about not getting a raidspot reduces your chances significantly to get invited.

If you for some reason aren´t able to make the raid or be in time you have to post it on the forum in raid attendence as soon as possible. This does not mean 30 minutes before raid start time.
If you have to leave the raid early you will notify the officers prior to the raid.

Real life issues does bow these rules. But please inform the Officers about it (We will not ask into it, but feel free to explain the things for us).

Raid preparation:
Raiders must show up fully repaired.
You must also bring enough buff food, flasks/elixirs (battle AND guardian elixir) to last for the entire duration of the raid.
Raiders are expected to read up on boss tactics so they are prepared for the fight at hand.

Raid Addons:
Required Raid AddOns are listed in "Interface and Mods" forum.

We use a Loot Council system. This means, people will do normal roll, however the Loot Master does have the power to give the loot to another person in the raid group, if it benefits the guild the most. Whining about loot is NOT tolerated.

Ventrilo is a good way to communicate for either tactical information or for some fun.
When we engage into a fight, Ventrilo needs to be cleared for important tactical communication.
Don't state the obvious. Important information will be called out by the Raid Leader/Assistants.

Raid/Guild chat
When the raidleader is explaining the tactics, keep the raidchat clear because it will only distract.
If you have any questions ask them after the explanation.
When loot will be distributed after a boss kill, keep the raidchat clear.
We expect everyone to keep their chat communication appropriate. No strong or abusive language.

After you made an application on our recruitment forum you might get invited for a trial period should we see potential.
Your trial period is at least 2 weeks. During this trial period you will be monitored and evaluated by the officers.
After 2 weeks officers will decide to accept you as a full member or if your trial will be ended.
As a trialist you expected to raid 3 nights a week, if you can't meet that requirement you will fail your trial.
Trialists' are expected to have good knowledge about their class and keep improving themselves for better performance.

Trialists' are expected to have their gear gemmed with epic gems and have the best enchants.
Guildmembers are required to have their gear gemmed with epic gems and have the best enchants.

All raiders are encouraged to max out their profession skills to benefit from the bonus to have an extra advantage for raid performance.To be raider you need to have 2 raiding profs,no exeptions.

Guildmembers can buy items from the guildbank for 50% of the current Auction House price.
Trialists' are not entitled to this.

Pugging 10-mans is not allowed for your main raiding character.
After the guild has already run one of these raids, you are allowed to pug it; make sure to ask the officers first.
This rule applies to your main raiding character only, you can pug freely on your alt unless the officers ask you specifically not to.
This rule might be changed, in the case we start raiding in 25-mans.

Only guildmembers are allowed to have alts in the guild.
You cannot bring alts to our main raids on (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays 20.00-23.00) unless you are specifically asked to.

Any behaviour which can reflect negatively towards the guild will not be tolerated.
Respect other players like the way you want to be respected. In other words, be nice!
If you have issues with one of the players bring it to the officers attention rather than to complain about it in guildchat.
We expect everyone to keep their chat communication appropriate. No strong or abusive language.

Applying to other guilds
If we find out you are applying to another guild, you will be removed from the guild immediately.

Failing the rules
If you don't meet above rules you first get a warning. (Strike 1)
If you, after your first warning, still don't meet above rules, you will be banned from the next raid.. (Strike 2)
If you fail a third time breaking the rules you receive punishment depending on the severity of the first 2 strikes and what type of rule you broke.
Consequences can be minus EP, demotion, removal of guild benefits (free enchants/50% AH benefit) or a guild kick.

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