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re: App: Iustitiæ

The application submitted by Iustitiæ is as follows:

Have you read guild rules and do you agree with them?:

Character name:

Class and spec:
Warrior tank

Night elf

Armory link:

Jewelcrafting Tailoring

How did you choose your talent build and glyphs, and why?:
I built my talents so i can survive more whilst keeping some of the group up and so i can use some stuns and slows. I have different glyphs some for adds and some for bosses.

Explain you gear, gems and enchants choices, why did you pick them?:
For my gear i am trying to get as much parry and dodge stated gear as possible whilst keeping my 2 set bonus. For my gems i am trying to stack as much parry and dodge as possible. My enchants are tank enchants and i use windsong for the extra mastery and crit. i want my 2 set bonus because it increases my survival and the 4 set bonus does not do as much as the second set bonus.

Post a screenshot of your UI:
Normal UI

Which addons are you using?:
DBM, Recount and atlas loot

List your previous raiding expirience:
i started in cata. In cata i did All of normal Dragon soul. MoP was released i only started raiding again in SoO as it is my favourite patch so far and i have done 14/14 raid finder 14/14 flex 14/14 normal and 7/14 heroic.

Previous guilds and resons for leaving them:
Not raiding Guilds and not being picked as they have tanks already.

Why do you want to join our guild?:
Increase my progress in raiding and to meet new people to become friends with.

Do you know anyone from Immortals or in-game who can recommend you?:

If you have any alts, list them here:
zéús, Lustitiae, Predatim and Naradosa(87) other chars are lower than 85 or 85.

Are you using ventrilo?:

Personal info



Jersey C Islands

What else should we know about you?:
My computer sometimes randomly crashes when i'm on WoW. other than that nope :D

In the end...

Some months have 30 days. Some months have 31 days. How many months have 28 days?:
all months have 28 days but February

John`s dad has 5 sons. Jan, Jin, Jun, Jon. What is the name of the fifth son?:


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re: APPROVED - App: Iustitiæ - by Bladerunner


Approved,welcome on board Iust :)


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