Welcome to forum of Immortals - Hellfire Guild


Guild was founded on 15.11.2011. by Hellclaw, Bladerun and other members from Chaos Unleashed. Our plan in game is to have fun and to maintain cohesion during playing and progressing thru challenges we encounter on that path.  We offer a stress free enviroment with friendly mature members and help of experienced players. By joining Immortals you will become member of our little but poweful group whose goal is to become one of the top raiding guilds on server while keeping a calm, stress - free atmosphere.



Fun Trivia:

Herodotus describes the 'Immortals' as being heavy infantry led by Hydarnes that were kept constantly at a strength of exactly 10,000 men. He claimed that the unit's name stemmed from the custom that every killed, seriously wounded or sick member was immediately replaced with a new one, maintaining the cohesion of the unit.